MINAKEM High Potent

Located in Belgium, in the University of Louvain-la-Neuve Scientific Park few kilometres south of Brussels, Minakem High Potent site in Mont-Saint-Guibert started operations back in 70’s with the production and commercialization of medicinal herbs extracts and semi-synthetic drug products. The portfolio of the site increased with addition of controlled substances (morphine derivatives) in the 1980’s and exclusive syntheses of anti-cancer and anesthetic products.
Between the late 90’s and 2007 two synthesis units have been upgraded to state of the art containment for handling high potent compounds down to OEL 0.1mg / m3 / shift (OEB class 5).

In the last 20 years the site has developed a portfolio of generic niche in the field of oncology (Vinca Alkaloids) and controlled substance and has also become a partner of choice for global pharmaceutical companies in custom manufacturing from the development to launch and commercial supply of NCE HAPI thanks to the flexibility in the management of its assets and equipment and the experience, the professionalism and the commitment of strong multidepartment operational team mindset.

The site has been acquired in 2015 by MINAFIN group and is now integrated in its global Fine Chemicals and API plants network.