Project Management

We lead your project to success

MHP’s project management is based on the strong belief that communication internally and externally are the key for success. As such we supply the customer with regular written and oral updates, keep track of the project via an action log system and assure that the internal communication provides a smooth and efficient progress of the project.

A project team consists of:

  • R&D Projects manager: responsible for keeping project on track, communication, interaction with other projects, …
  • Research Project Manager: Scaling the process in the labs, technology transfer to pilot/production, qualification of raw materials.
  • Analytical development manager: Evaluation and validation of analytical methods, preparing transfer of the analytical methods to Quality control labs
  • Pilot plant engineer: batch record redaction, execution of the process in the pilot plant.
  • MHP’s project management system is as such that all team members have within the organization a back-up, this to assure continuity in the project.
  • The core project team is, depending of the project, extended with Quality control, Quality assurance, purchasing, … people to address the needs of the project and the customer.